How to Determine If an Integrated Workers’ Comp and Employee Benefits Solution is Right for You


By developing a fully integrated platform that manages all employee injury, health and absence events, we designed In-Sight 360° for self-insured employers who are passionate about maintaining an engaged, productive workforce. 

But, some organizations are a better fit for this model than others. 

To help you decide if it's right for you, we've created a guide that identifies the key traits and characteristics of organizations that are aligned with In-Sight 360°

In this guide, you'll be able to assess if your organization is a fit based on considerations including:

  • Your leadership style and tendencies 
  • How your company utilizes data
  • Your company's commitment to employee wellbeing

To find out if In-Sight 360° is the best choice for your organization, fill out the form on the right to download our comprehensive guide.

How to determine if an integrated workers comp, absenteeism and employee benefits solution is right for you


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